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How does coronavirus affect recruitment? - blog article / How does coronavirus affect recruitment?

Coronavirus causing COVID-19 is without doubt a number one topic worldwide at the moment and it will likely remain one for the weeks to come. Current situation proves disruptive for many companies in life science industry and it brings new challenges almost every day as companies face a lot of difficulties with their salesforce unable to visit doctors and pharmacies or lack of possibility to travel to visit partners and suppliers. They need to urgently delegate thousands of people to work from home and this is an infrastructural challenge, too.

There are also numerous challenges related to recruitment in these turbulent times. Candidates are more hesitant to consider change, as they worry about a job security. It is not possible for candidates across Europe to travel for job interviews as countries closed their borders for non-essential travel. Plus, even if the hiring decision is made without an F2F interview, there is a question of onboarding, especially if part of the team works from home.

Adaptation is the key

Most companies do not stop recruiting though, they just adapt to a new situation and seek new solutions. Some businesses shift from face-to-face interviews to videoconferencing where possible, some other run their recruitment processes up to a ceratin stage.

There are also some companies like Moderna Therpeutics, CureVac or Vir Biotechnology that speed up their hiring as they prepare to profit from the coronavirus, as search for the vaccine becomes a global competition.

And however some companies put their recruitment activities on hold, life science industry remains immune to economic turbulences in general. Despite temporary slow down, it remains a safe zone in terms of employment.

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