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Remote services in clinical trials

Jobs in Pharma - Remote services in clinical trials

Stay-at-home clinical trials

There are numerous approaches to improve patient recruitment and retention rates in clinical trials. One of the solutions that becomes growingly popular, especially in the US, is to include remote services, visiting patients at their homes to collect samples or administer investigational drug.

Remote-based trials are more convenient

This kind of services is not only cost-effective compared with ambulatory or hospital care but also convenient for patients, as they can have a visit arranged at convenient for them time and location with flexibility of visits during the day/night, on weekdays or at weekends. Another factor is the ability to cover the whole country and reach patients in remote locations, sometimes far away from the site.
Remote service can keep engaged both people who are very active and have little time to visit the site as well as patients who are unable to travel to the site on a regular basis for health reasons. This is part of the new patient-centric approach to clinical trials.

Flexibility and comfort

Some companies like Acurian (PPD company) or technology giants like Uber Health in partnership with ClinOne introduce patient concierge services. It enables travelling regularly to distant study sites, scheduling multiple appointments or applying for and receiving timely reimbursement for participation in the trial using new technologies and applications that help order transport or book a visit with just a few clicks.

Introducing home care services makes life easier also for sponsors especially in an environment where trials are becoming increasingly complex, with protocols incorporating arduous medical regimens, advanced technology, and/or appointments with multiple practitioners or sites. Remote service can ultimately lower patient retention costs for the sponsor, enhance site relations by reducing administrative burdens, and lead to faster completion of the trial.